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Singapore Court Uses NFTs to Track Hacked Crypto Assets | CRYPTONEWSBYTES COMP

  • Singapore High Court recognizes NFTs as significant digital assets.
  • Blockchain technology reshapes traditional intellectual property enforcement.
  • Metaverse opportunities grow, but so do brand protection challenges

NFTs new tool for legal oversight

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In an unprecedented move, Singapore’s court has authorized using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to track cryptocurrency funds linked to a major hack. By attaching these NFTs to specific wallets, the court has created digital markers that identify illicitly obtained assets on the blockchain ledger. 

This novel tactic was spearheaded by Intelligent Sanctuary, a UK-based investigative firm hired to address a client’s theft of $3 million in crypto assets. Acting swiftly, they located the stolen funds within 24 hours by tracking the associated wallets. A week later, Intelligent Sanctuary presented compelling evidence to the Singapore High Court, securing a first-of-its-kind worldwide injunction against the hacked funds.

To enact this order on-chain, the injunction was tokenized into NFTs by Mintable, a Singaporean NFT startup. Once deployed, these NFTs were permanently pegged to the hacker-controlled wallets, setting the stage for enhanced oversight of the stolen assets.

Digital Markers for tracking laundered funds

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The NFTs attached to the flagged wallets serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they visibly identify these wallets as associated with significant hacks for exchanges and counterparties. Secondly, the NFTs create a permanent audit trail, allowing improved tracking of transactions if the illicit funds are moved or laundered.

Zach Burks, founder of Mintable, validated on social media that the on-chain NFT court order represents a meaningful real-world application of the technology. Meanwhile, according to local reports, the stolen assets were transferred from Europe to Singapore and swapped through digital asset platforms, indicating potential money laundering. 

Pioneering legal innovation for blockchain oversight

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For Jonathan Benton, founder of Intelligent Sanctuary, this strategy signifies a “game changer” compared to traditional asset freeze methods. In the past, court orders took weeks to enact, and criminals could hide behind pseudonymous wallets. But NFTs enable legal injunctions to be instantly documented on-chain, letting authorities rapidly identify and flag illegal funds.

By tapping into the transparency of blockchain, regulators worldwide now have a blueprint for enhancing oversight of digital assets. Integrating NFTs with fund flows on public ledgers allows court actions to be tracked and enforced seamlessly. As cryptocurrency adoption accelerates, proactive legal measures aligned with the technology’s strengths may become standard practice.

The promise of “smart” regulations

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The Singapore court’s pioneering use of NFTs as a legal instrument highlights the potential of blockchain-based tools to tackle crimes like hacking and money laundering. As the technology matures, regulators can craft novel “smart” oversight mechanisms that harness crypto’s capabilities for compliance. 

Along with tracing transactions, tokenized regulations could facilitate the rapid freezing of accounts, transaction monitoring, and automated regulatory actions via smart contracts. Blending legal protocols directly with the digital finance ecosystem may make blockchains more transparent and accountable.


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Singapore’s judicial innovation could prompt other jurisdictions to follow suit if successful. This would accelerate the design of safety rails tailored to the digital asset sphere. Ultimately, thoughtful crypto-native regulations can provide the guardrails needed to fulfill the technology’s promise of secure and equitable finance for all.


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